After 5 years apprenticeship with Beth Gray, Denise recognized her ministry teaching Reiki to, and working with, people living with AIDS and people Living with Dying. On the 4th of July, 1988, in Sydney, Beth announced to the Reiki community that Denise was indeed a Master of the Usui System of Natural Healing.


Denise traveled across Australia and in California teaching and administering to people with terminal illness. Reiki expanded into the wider community and in 1991 she invited her husband John to join her on the journey and to help her to train teachers and to work with Volunteers.


They offered healing and teaching to children, teens and all those attracted to the Light of Reiki and insisted that wherever she taught, a healing center/community should be established and volunteers trained to continue this great work.


Denise brought a unique understanding to the Universal qualities of Reiki; the power of the Rei and of the Ki, and all that lies between. She knew the multi-dimensional nature of this amazing healing modality, and where Reiki fits in the world of Healing.


Denise Crundall, our Beloved Reiki Master, Teacher and Friend, claimed her freedom, and transitioned in peace and surrounded by Love on June 30, 2002.


Denise shall always be remembered as an incredible woman who dedicated her life to teaching Reiki with endless love, compassion and inspiration.




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Our Reiki Master, Teacher, Friend. 
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We are in gratitude to Denise for she was the living message of her life, Reiki. We feel blessed and honored to have known her. We're also committed to carrying on her legacy by continuing to honor her life and teachings.


We honor Denise by remembering Denise's teachings and her endless love. Her teachings will continue to touch us in endless ways... conscious touch, expressing our love, compassion and gratitude...all gifts to be shared. Our journey continues with the knowledge that Den will always be beside us.


After Denise’s death in 2002, John continues this work and teaches worldwide. Together with Reiki Master Ellen Rose, they faithfully follow the pattern of Reiki teaching brought to Australia by Beth Gray in 1983 and enriched with Denise’s understanding. Classes are dynamic, fun and full of healing, joy and self discovery.


It is a privilege to have John and Ellen teach Reiki in Santa Barbara.

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