Reiki Outreach Programs


WE WANT TO THANK the volunteers who are giving Reiki to our community (i.e., hospitals, hospice and medical centers).  Your time and service is deeply appreciated and can make a big difference for someone in need.


You may interested in reading the news article published in April 2002 about Reiki treatments at a Cancer Center in Ventura. Just click The Cancer Center of Ventura County (CCVC).


Reiki Introductions


Our presentations are relaxed and informal. Reiki is difficult to conceive, no matter how long we talk about it. Therefore the presentation is reinforced by practical introduction of the Reiki method. While one of us is speaking, the other is quietly walking about the room asking the participants if they would like to experience Reiki. We either sit or stand behind the persons and place our hands upon their shoulders. We do our best to give everyone present an opportunity to experience Reiki.


We have delivered Reiki presentations to many different types of groups, organizations and events, such as:





Medical Societies




Breast Cancer Support

Multiple Sclerosis Support

Bereavement Support

Physicians/Hospital Administrators

Holistic Nurses Association




American Cancer Society Relay for Life

Senior Health Day

National Cancer Survivors Day



If your group or organization would like to learn more about the benefits of Reiki, please contact us. We look forward to meeting you.




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The Usui Reiki Center is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Volunteer Organization,

  funded 100% by annual dues and donations from its members and supporters.

We are committed to honoring the original teachings of Reiki (see our Lineage) and upholding its integrity. It is our intent to do this by providing Reiki & comprehensive courses to enhance healing universally.

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