The Usui Reiki Center in Santa Barbara is a volunteer California organization comprised of Reiki practitioners dedicated to healing using the modality known as Reiki. We are committed to honoring the original teachings of Reiki and upholding its integrity. It is our intent to do this by providing Reiki and comprehensive courses to enhance healing universally.


We are honored and are proud of our Lineage. We call upon it often. We trust you will take advantage of the close proximity to our founders that is offered to you by the Usui Reiki Center:

  Dr. Mikao Usui

♥   Dr. Chujiro Hayashi

♥   Mrs. Hawayo Takata

♥   Beth Gray

♥   Denise Crundall and John Crundall

♥  Ellen Rose


Lineage is akin to a family; a family of gifted and visionary beings who have a dream, a dream of a future for us and for mankind. These advance souls have seen and planned for a future we are just beginning to glimpse; a future of community, of healing and Oneness, a multi-dimensional reality.


And so, just as with a family, in a moment of crisis or in a moment of profound and overwhelming love, you may reach up your hand and take the hand of the lineage you have chosen to remember.


This lineage is bound by its nature to respond to your call.



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The Usui Reiki Center is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Volunteer Organization,

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We are committed to honoring the original teachings of Reiki (see our Lineage) and upholding its integrity. It is our intent to do this by providing Reiki & comprehensive courses to enhance healing universally.

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Dr. Hayashi a retired Naval Officer, took Reiki to Tokyo and set up a clinic in 1925, with his wife Chie, to offer Reiki to a larger community encompassing the affluent and educated. It was to this clinic that a young woman Hawayo Takata came in the fall of 1935.


Dr. Hayashi foresaw that it was inevitable that war would break out between Japan and America, and that he would be called to active duty. Being a devout student of Spiritual Teachings and a Reiki Master, he could not destroy life; so rather than go to war, he chose to make a peaceful transition. He passed the Light of Reiki to Mrs. Takata and then he gathered his family, went into meditation, and made his transition.

Hawayo Takata was born on the island of Kauai, Hawaii to Japanese immigrant parents. She grew up in a simple Hawaiian village, married and had two daughters. Her husband died in 1930 at the young age of 34.  By 1935, five years after the death of her husband, Hawayo Takata’s health had declined, and she decided to go to Tokyo to undergo surgery.


Lying on the operating table she heard her inner voice which told her the operation was unnecessary and to seek an alternative. She asked the surgeon if an alternative was available and she was directed to Dr. Hayashi’s Reiki Clinic. For 6 months, Hawayo Takata received treatment and during that time she was allowed to study and practice Dr. Hayashi’s teachings. On her recovery, she became a full time practitioner at the clinic and took her first and second levels of training. She completed her Teacher training in 1937 and returned to Hawaii.

Beth Gray, a student and friend of Hawayo Takata, Beth was a powerful, intuitive teacher with a great command of the power and frequency of Reiki. She came to Australia in September 1983 and Denise Crundall was in her first class. Denise was apprenticed to Beth and traveled widely with her until she retired in 1992. Beth Gray initiated 2 Reiki Masters, Denise Crundall and Barbara McGregor.


Denise Crundall (1946-2002) and John Crundall (1945- )

After 5 years apprenticeship with Beth Gray, Denise recognized her ministry teaching Reiki to, and working with, people living with AIDS and people Living with Dying. On the 4th of July, 1988, in Sydney, Beth announced to the Reiki community that Denise was indeed a Master of the Usui System of Natural Healing.


Denise traveled across Australia and in California teaching and administering to people with terminal illness. Reiki expanded into the wider community and in 1991 she invited John to join her on the journey and to help her to train teachers and to work with Volunteers. They offered healing and teaching to children, teens and all those attracted to the Light of Reiki and insisted that wherever she taught, a healing centre/community should be established and volunteers trained to continue this great work.

Ellen Rose first met Denise and John in 1994 at the Reiki class in Toronto, Canada. The class was a gift from Orville, her father, and it was that weekend in May that she realized she had met her teacher.


Ellen decided to step in and with a friend Sue Mackay open a full time Reiki Centre in Toronto offering a place for people to be part of the healing and also provide a place for Den and John to teach.


The community grew, classes expanded, many gathered for retreats & Ellen soon realized she wanted more. In 1999, she was invited to move to Australia to apprentice with Denise. She lived with Den & John in their home and traveled with them as they continued teaching and healing. It was an intense, powerful opportunity to learn with the Master.

Denise brought a unique understanding to the Universal qualities of Reiki; the power of the Rei and of the Ki, and all that lies between. She knew the multi-dimensional nature of this amazing healing modality, and where Reiki fits in the world of Healing.


Together Denise and John taught Reiki throughout Australia, in the USA, in Canada, Austria, Germany, and Thailand. They could not have done this without the help of many volunteers worldwide. The Usui Reiki Centres run by donations and offer Reiki in most capital cities in Australia, and in Toronto, Canada and Santa Barbara, USA.


Denise and John initiated 4 Reiki Masters, all of whom served apprenticeships of at least 5 years. They are Susan Hill, Margot Brock, Ellen Jane Rose and Sharman Okan. John has since also initiated Rev. Coral Prebble.


After Denise’s death in 2002, John continues this work and teaches worldwide. Together with Reiki Master Ellen Rose, they faithfully follow the pattern of Reiki teaching brought to Australia by Beth Gray in 1983 and enriched with Denise’s understanding. Classes are dynamic, fun and full of healing, joy and self discovery.


Dr Hayashi passed the Light of Reiki to Takata and traveled with her to Hawaii and stayed with her for 6 months assisting her to establish a Reiki practice. On his departure Dr. Hayashi announced publicly that Mrs. Takata had become a Master and Teacher of the Usui System of Natural Healing.


After the war, Mrs. Takata resumed her practice and became a well known healer, with many clients traveling from the mainland United States. In 1970 she was invited to California where she practiced and taught until her death in 1980. Hawayo Takata initiated 22 Reiki Masters. One of these was Beth Gray who brought Reiki to Australia in 1983.

Born in the 1860’s in Japan, Dr Usui became a monk, a teacher and a seeker of truth. A student, in his innocence asked him “How did great men like the Buddha and the Christ heal?” Usui, challenged by the simplicity of this question began his search for the truth about healing. His search was wide and varied, including studies of the ancient sutras in which he found the formula for healing, but didn’t know how to use them. This finally led him to seek the truth within his own being. He journeyed to the holy mountain Kurama 10 km out of Kyoto to meditate and began a retreat for 21 days. It is said that on the 21st day, just prior to the sun rising, a light struck him in the 3rd eye, rendering him to a state of awareness that today we might call a trance. In his awakened state, he was gifted with the frequency and the knowledge of how the symbols that he had rediscovered would become the gateway to a healing modality which he called Reiki (Universal Life/ Love Energy).


He began his ministry in the beggar colony of Kyoto and some years later realized that healing without teaching… no change! He brought forward the 5 principles of Reiki


Dr Usui began teaching, traveling and healing throughout Japan in the early 1920’s. Over a period of 6 years, until his death he gathered around him many healers and it was to one of these, Dr. Chujiro Hayashi that Dr. Usui passed the Light of Reiki to continue in his name.


Dr. Usui was a genius; he glimpsed a future dream that would see a deceptively simple healing modality spread its magical ways around the world.

Dr. Chujiro Hayashi


Hawayo Takata


Beth Gray


Ellen Jane Rose

(1962- )


After Denise’s transition in 2002, Ellen joined John to continue teaching and traveling in Her name. Denise’s work continues to expand through the Love and healing journey of John and Ellen as they offer classes, workshops and retreats worldwide.



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Dr Mikao Usui (1865-1926)